„how to work better with startups and academia as a corporate“ 1024 509 InQbay

„how to work better with startups and academia as a corporate“

Workshop od Nicolas Burer, výkonného ředitele společnosti Digital Switzerland, je určen nejen pro zástupce z průmyslu.

Workshop se bude konat v rámci akce Týden inovací 20. 5. 2019 (11:15 – 12:15) ve Forum Karlín.


  • What are the different possibilities to work with startups: cooperate, invest or acquire?
  • How should we cooperate with the ecosystem (incubators, accelerators, etc)?
  • What are best practices that we can use?

Join us for an interactive input session on how to improve the collaboration between corporates, startups and academia.

Note: the session will be in english

Please register via https://www.tydeninovaci2019.cz/seminars/ or via email inkubator@cvut.cz, hurry up, space is limited and the workshop for free.

Nicolas Burer is an expert on digitalisation. He is the managing director of digitalswitzerland, whose aim is to foster best practices, knowledge and understanding around digitalisation.
Furthermore, Nicolas is well known in the Swiss start-up scene for his entrepreneurial activities.

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