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InQbay is an open space for students, researchers, new businesses and industry partners that focuses not only on Deep Tech. As a university incubator we benefit from the potential of our eight faculties and five other specialized institutes. We cover all engineering disciplines ranging from mechanical engineering to biomedical engineering and architecture. We bridge the gap between theory and practical application, student ideas, the academic world and the existing commercial sphere.

If you have an idea or suggestion, write to us or contact us and come directly to InQbay.


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Christmas gathering and general assembly 2018 for members of the graduates association of CTU – Alumni ČVUT in Prague

Opportunity to meet CTU graduates in a pre Christmas atmosphere on 19th December 2018.

Our services

From an idea to commercial success in three steps.

Together we help your ideas to conquer the world!

  • How to prepare?
  • Does it make sense?
  • How to tune up an idea for it to be successful?
  • How to establish a vision, a kick off strategy and important milestones?
  • How to start a business?
  • How to find your first customers?
  • How to keep these customers and find additional ones?
  • How to and when build a team?
  • How to find the right product/service that meets the market´s needs?
  • How to measure success?
  • How to reevaluate our business model according to growth and big changes in the company?
  • How and when to find financial means for further growth?
  • How to increase the quality of the product/service?
  • How to create new processes and how to implement them?
  • How to increase the figures on success indicators?
  • What’s next? Pursue the business further? Sell? Find an investor?

Start-up counseling

  • Development plan set according to individual needs
  • Consults, mentoring, coaching
  • Service meant not only for start-ups but also for students, employees and CTU researchers

Networking events

  • Opportunity to meet with students, researchers, starting businessmen, CTU employees, industry partners, investors, mentors and other experts

Expert workshops

  • Training, expert workshops (for example accounting, business model establishment, design thinking, 3D printing, formation of contract with partners)
  • For everyone with creative and business oriented mindset

CTU Transfer Days

  • Expert discussion meeting
  • Help and support in questions of transfer of technologies – license offers, cooperation between the industry and CTU, intellectual property protection

Soft skills development

  • Training, workshops, soft skills counseling (for example picking the right team members and their leader, negotiating, business skills, critical thinking and problem solving)
  • For everyone with a creative and business oriented mindset

Individual consultations with mentors

  • Experienced mentors are ready to help
  • Team of internal and external experts from different fields
  • Individual approach
  • Recommended for start-ups


Community of enthusiasts amongst whom knowledge and experience circulate, they build a creative platform, where all your ideas can easily develop.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a company focusing on the development, manufacturing and sales of mobile safety barriers from a certified material based on cement composites.

Our main product is a system of mobile safety barriers intended for public as well as private law-enforcement agencies. This system provides protection against the effects of fire arms and explosions or shock waves. Our product is unique by its structure and possibility to manipulate quickly and easily, its employment and also from a material point of view – it provides considerable protection against extreme strain.

We also offer the possibility to build resistant constructions in different variations of forms with increased resistance against extreme strain (especially against bullet penetration and explosion) as well as consulting services (modification of constructions – improvement of resistance against extreme strain).

Previous success?

  • Establishing a strategic cooperation with state entreprise VTÚ s.p. and VOP s.p.
  • Signing of a Memorandum of cooperation and preparation of joint activities in ballistic protection of people and strategic infrastructure
  • We were chosen and participated in an international mission of promotion of economic diplomacy (PROPED) in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Real use of the system of mobile safety barriers by the Police of the Czech Republic in establishing training corridors and for the protection of the members of law-enforcement.

InQbay member since 2016

Who are we and what do we do?

We specialize in advanced PVD coatings of molding and cutting machines and coating of PVD parts and DLC coatings.

  • PVD coatings reducing friction in engineering applications
  • PVD coating increasing the life expectancy and serviceability of machines in manufacturing processes
  • Conduction of development and comparative projects for industrial companies

Previous success?

  • 2 EU H2020 projects
  • Articles in Forbes Magazine, in the newspaper Hospodářské noviny
  • Interesting clients: Meopta-optika s.r.o., Velux DK

InQbay member since 2016

Who are we and what do we do?

AIK IT Digital is an SW studio with locations in Prague and New York. We focus on commissioned development in AI, Big Data and IoT. We help our clients and partners with our capacity and projects; we follow projects from the initial design to development and testing.

Previous success?

  • In 2018 we were picked by the accelerator VentureOut program in New York where we opened our first international branch. We have our first foreign collegue.
  • We were successful in creating a project for our canadien client and other smaller mostly web-based projects
  • We participated in several conferences, seminars, panel discussions where we shared our experience with doing business in the United States
  • We released our promotional video from NY (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9FDV6N7-q4) , that had great feedback on our social media page. (https://www.facebook.com/aikitdigital/)


InQbay member since 2016

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a study agency focusing on China. We provide support for foreign students mainly from China in the process of choosing their school, dealing with documents, visa application – all the way to their successful adaptation in the new environment. We look after individuals as well as groups. We also support businesses and we try to connect our two different environments.

Previous success?

We cooperate with local agencies or organizations – private and public. And on our side we work with universities as well.

Because of censorship in China we obtain new clients and communicate with them via the Chinese communication tool WeChat. You can find us under our ID: info-ccccc.

Who are we and what do we do?

The project was initially supported by the TAČR fund as an interfaculty cooperation between the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Transport.

The result of the research is a product – a system for the management of knowledge about traffic safety based on the collection and processing of safety data using principals of ontological and conceptual modeling.

It’s significance is key when assessing safety and creating safety measures in order to increase air transport safety.

Previous success?

Our products are being used by the Civil Aviation Authority in the Czech Republic, Prague Airport and Czech Airlines Technics.

Who are we and what do we do?

We developed and produce innovative outdoor electrical heaters. It consists of a small table with a built-in infrared heat unit that will provide heat from the legs up to customers sitting in restaurant gardens and on the terrace of restaurants, coffee shops and bars. In our innovative heater we managed to combine high efficiency heating, a practical solution, an elegant design, safety and high quality.

Previous success?

  • Article on the business oriented portal iPodnikatel.cz
  • Interview for Český rozhlas radio station
  • Article on the site Volty.cz
  • Article in the Startus magazine

Who are we and what do we do?

We created Fantastic cards Imaglee: Czech cards for fun, educational and innovational purposes.

Imaglee are multifunctional cards with pictograms that have numbers cleverly hidden inside them.

The possibilities for use of these cards are almost endless! They can be used to render class more interesting, to exercise communication skills and develop imagination.

Previous success?

  • Imaglee cards help teachers in more than 350 schools (their furthest destination is the science center in Perth, Australia)
  • One of the five most interesting presentations about cards at the international conference Towards Better University Teaching 2018
  • thanks to users’ inspired ideas we found 365 different ways to use the cards
  • thanks to the support of more than a hundred people in the crowd funding campaign a new set of Imaglee cards was created for Christmas 2018
  • video report – ČT – Déčko, show Wifina (21. 12. 2018)
  • video report – Magazine ABC, No. 24/2017
  • video report ČT – Déčko, show called Planeta Yó (27. 3. 2018)
  • article in children’s magazine ABC No. 24/2017
  • article in children’s magazine ABC No. 7/2018
  • Review on the blog Zdravé hračky (Healthy Toys)

Who are we and what do we do?

Our company focuses on detection of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones.

Our main competitive advantage is the integration of the best available sensors into a comprehensive solution. The system currently contains radio detection of the communication between the pilot and the drone, radar detection of the trajectory of the drone and of course visual control via cameras with night vision. It is available as an on-site installation or a service.

Previous success?

In our field, we are currently at the very top. Customers from transport and aviation swear by it as well as state law-enforcement and other commercial users.


Who are we and what do we do?

Every mobile phone becomes a personal guide. SmartGuide is a platform with augmented reality for mobile phone tourism audio guides. It is very simple to upload high quality content from a tourism guide onto the SmartGuide platform. It serves as an interactive app that will lead the traveler via GPS, audio and augmented reality like a live guide.

Previous success?

  • We won the Czech travel start-up contest in 2018
  • We’re the official guide for more than ten attractions including Prague and Harvard
  • Youtube video
  • Article in Forbes Magazine
  • Article on tyinternety.cz

InQbay member since 2016

Who are we and what do we do?

We are pioneers in the domain of LowPower WAN and we try to help manufacturers as well as developers with an app for LowPower WAN especially for NB-IoT and LTE-M.

We develop and use a unique integration platform for devices with very low energy consumption connected to mobile networks – LowPower WAN.

Previous success?

Our founder brought LowPower WAN networks to Czech Republic, founded the company which developed the first LowPower WAN network with national coverage.

Who are we and what do we do?

Job-IT is an online platform to link up businesses and IT experts. We focus on the fields of banking, industry, technologies and SMEs.

Companies can advertise their job offers on the Job-IT platform without any limits.

On the other hand candidates can establish their dream position and the platform takes care of getting them together in a smart way.

Previous success?

We have successfully managed to connect tens of applicants and companies.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a group of graduates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (CTU) who share an enthusiasm for 3D printing and we would like to expand it among experts and the general public across all fields of study from architecture to health care.

Our primary focus is 3D printing and everything that comes with it: creating a 3D model, the printing itself including a consult if the present model is printable.

We are attempting application across different fields and our goal is to achieve maximum functionality in the 3D printing phase.

Previous success?

We are a young company that has yet to experience notable success.


Our team

You don‘t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

Don‘t worry about failure, you only have to be right once.

Drew Houston, Dropbox founder + CEO

Monika Dobiášová

External affairs manager

About me

  • I have over 15 years of experience in communication and marketing. I have also worked as a university professor of psychology, as a coach and a therapist. I like encouraging people to maximize the use of their potential.
  • I’ll provide support anytime you need to further your project with regards to PR and marketing. You can also book me for coaching. I believe that dialogue and the right questions can point you in the right direction when looking for your own way to success.
  • I consider Facebook to be the innovation of the century but as with any other technical progress, it is important that it remains a good servant rather than becoming a bad master. It should only complete the process of sharing and connecting with other people but should never replace the true way of doing things – face to face.

Jiří Pudil

Asistent v InQbay

O mně

  • student Fakulty strojní ČVUT
  • baví mě zkoušet nové věci všehochuti a překonávat tak sám sebe

Petra Márová

Education coordinator

About me

  • 2,5 years of experience with leading the CTU Career center.
  • From planning, through propagation to the evaluation of educational activities focusing mainly on students’ and CTU graduates ‘personal growth.
  • I’ve also played with children in kindergarten for 8 years and was looking for playful ways to make them fall in love with learning new things.
  • Now I take care of creating and developing our support in the area of personal growth and accompany you on your way to success while watching your ideas come to life.
  • I’m fascinated by the speed of development of technical gadgets – it makes me more aware of the importance of people focusing on their personal development so they can control them in a smart way and not have it be the other way around.

Ladislav Tebich

Commercialization specialist

About me

  • Almost 20 years of work in the commercial sector of mobile phone operators in the Czech Republic and abroad. Focus on B2B relationships in the scope of providing international services.
  • I can help finding a partner and establishing mutually beneficial and proper relationships with the commercial sphere in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • As graduate of the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering I consider the most important innovation to be the availability of the power plug for basically every person on the planet. From the basic light bulb to electric motors to tablets, cars and maybe future airplanes – we need them. We don’t live in a neither nuclear nor post-factual age but in the electrical age.


If you have an idea or suggestion, write to us or contact us and come directly to InQbay.

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